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Friday, June 25, 2010

We are all booked..!

We are now all booked for July and I will be on maternity leave from August! A huge thanks to all of my clients who allowed me to share my talent, and we will resume our business next year (if I survive from sleepless nights and baby puking - which I am so looking forward to!) ~ love, Emma

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tokyo Children Photographer | Curious baby girl

Sneak peeks for family "W"..! I LOVE when my clients are well prepared - that is especially when they bring those cutest outfits and accessories..!! This 11-month-old girl looking soooo cute with her cute outfits and hairpins..she was so curious about everything and she approches to my camera just like 1 cm away..! And she made this weirdly cute sound like "Owwww...." everytime when she sees
And her parents did serious arm exercise on that day, lifting her up and down, just to keep her smilling..Well..and see what we got..these are reward for your hard squad work..!

being happy in daddy's arms..