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Monday, December 27, 2010

Yokohama Baby Photographer | Oh Santa!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! For me I think I had the best one since my husband decided to feed the baby 2 times in a row and I could have a 4 hour of uninterrupted sleep..! Christmas miracle..! haha
And this is how our Christmas afternoon looked like..

Apparently Santa was too tired delivering all those presents and just fell in sleep under the tree...:-)

Tokyo Family Photographer | Smile

Sooo here I am trying to update my blog before this year passes..! I just wanted to post this photo, so later when my baby grows up and hates daddy for some reasons like he gave her a curfew or banned her from seeing a certain boy, she can see this showing how much she loves her daddy :-) Frankly I am a bit jealous since I had to dance in front of her for like 20 mins to get a glimpse of that smile..!

     "hey, play with me"                                  "no..?! how 'bout I wink at you?"               "you cannot resist this smile, can't you?"

We also made a visit to Kamakura shrine last week just before she turns to 50 days old. Apparently there is a tradition that they do for a newborn baby in Japan. So thanks to grandpa and grandma, here are a few shots of them!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tokyo Baby Photographer | First Picnic

I really need to take more photos of my baby..! I cannot believe how my days can just fly by doing only changing nappies, feeding, rocking her and singing lullaby 100 times..! But luckily the last few weeks we had some warm afternoons so we brought baby outside for a picnic..! I went this park just a day before I went into labor and well it felt freaking good to come again and have a picnic with her looking all those fall leaves...Here are my two favorite bears..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yokohama Baby Photographer | Oh Baby..

Finally I got time to update my blog! Thank you all for those kind messages during my leave. Yes, baby L finally came out to the world and it already has been one month!
Being a mommy is much tougher than I ever imagined..but she amazes me everyday..and melts my heart with her little smile..

Here she is at her 13th day..

And when she became one month old.
She was crying and crying just before I took these photos. I just couldn't figure out why, I finally confronted her (well..with tears, I might add..) and it was like she was understanding what I was saying and she stopped crying! This didn't work out later anymore but I wanted to remember this moment forever :-)

And here she is..discovering the light outside