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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tokyo Baby Photographer | More from 100th day

More photos from 100th day photo shoot of my baby!
Ahh.. I miss her so much while editing these, gotta go NOW to wake her up with LOTS of kisses!



  1. woooooow~ these are all really really great, (the red hair band is beautiful and her face just seems to lights up for the camera,...she's a natural!) and the third one is AMAZING!!! it looks so intense yet delicate at the same time. amazing.

  2. She is so precious! If she were my baby, I'd be squeezing her cheeks all day long.
    And you are so lucky you have a little model to take pictures of whenever you want!
    So happy for you!!! :D

  3. She's so beautiful Emma! Baby looks like Mama :)


  4. Nike, call her! She is ready to model for ya!

  5. What a cute little girl! Love the first photo:)

  6. Thanks ladies!
    Melissa, you do have artistic eyes, haha! meet you soon!

    Julie, you are welcome to come and squeeze her cheeks, she loves getting squeezed! :-)

    Jo, she definately got my eyes although I told her 2000 times to get daddy's eyes!

    Jii, I know, they will beg later..hehe