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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tokyo Yokohama Maternity Photographer | Just Near..

Doing maternity session is always exciting for me too. Before I was pregnant, I always wondered what it feels like having another heart beating inside of you, and now I know how that feels..(hard to breathe..but amazing :-)) I had so much fun with this couple. They contacted me around her 37 weeks but luckily they were only 30 minutes away from my home. So I just jumped to train and went to meet them, and what a sweet couple..we just had so much fun giggling all the time (not because soon to be daddy was too nervous! ;-))

Okay..below looks somewhat like engagement session..haha..but I am sure baby will love this later :-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tokyo Yokohama Family Photographer | A Day in Kamakura

I have been waiting to meet this family since this Spring..! well...there was an earthquake, schedule problem, and then typhoon..I almost thought maybe mother nature is stopping us..haha..but thankfully the weather turned out just fine and we had a great session in Kamakura. I don't have to explain how cute they are when I have a bunch of perfect photos to here it goes..

One of the very first shots..

Babies enjoying a temple..

..or a cracker..

And some of family photos..

two gorgeous ladies..

A perfect moment!

And then sisters time..
I LOVE this one..they look so naturally beautiful and I would totally buy that dress :-)

Thank you all! Give yourself a round of applause..! :-)