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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yokohama Family Photographer | Thank you and Good Bye

Another former client, I met this family last late summer, and this time they were leaving Japan in a few months. It's sad to say good bye but I was so excited to see them again. And actually when I met them again, I kinda screamed..haha, The girls grew up so much looking BEAUTIFUL and of course mom and dad looks hot as always :-)
These girls will break so many boys hearts very soon..Be ready America!

A post card from Yokohama :-)

And with some sakura trees..
When I was taking this shot, about 20 people stopped and watched this..

Still looks like a newly-wed.. (I'm not saying this because she told me I seemed to lose my weight! :-))

A nice way to kiss mommy

Sunshine loves you..

Thank you for the great time and all the best in your new home! Hope these photographs help to remember lovely memories in Japan.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tokyo Family Photographer | Expecting and Bloom

While still trying to catch up the old sessions, I just couldn't wait to post these photos which were done when the sakura just started to bloom. I met with this lovely family who are expecting another baby in a few months.!

Soon to be an older sister!! We started off a bit shy but it didn't take long until she shows her true beautiful personality!

With a sakura tree which just started to bloom..

A lovely moment..

Love this location!

She found a beetle! I just love this photo as it shows her beautiful eyelashes and curly hair!

A few flower petals can make this girl so happy! most favorite photo of the day :-)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yokohama Family Photographer | Happy Baby

Another session which was done early this year..It was still quite cold weather but it was no problem for this 11 month old baby. He was just being happy spending time playing and showing off his sweet smile to people passing by :-)

We met at shrine where the flowers just started to bloom..

He certainly makes sure this is all about having a good time!

What can you ask more when you get a kiss from a mommy..?

Thanks for a good time! You're one amazing little boy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tokyo Baby Photographer | Sweet Little Baby

I am soooo behind my blogging and recently I am getting so many baby session requests so it's just time to post some baby photos!! Meet Baby G, 2 weeks old, Sweet Little Baby Girl.

Haha,,I LOVE her expression on this photo...When is this going to be done and where is my milk...?

Perfect little face..

Kisses from daddy and mommy..

Part of her tutu got laid in the back...and it looks like her wings :-)