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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yokohama Family Photographer | Thank you and Good Bye

Another former client, I met this family last late summer, and this time they were leaving Japan in a few months. It's sad to say good bye but I was so excited to see them again. And actually when I met them again, I kinda screamed..haha, The girls grew up so much looking BEAUTIFUL and of course mom and dad looks hot as always :-)
These girls will break so many boys hearts very soon..Be ready America!

A post card from Yokohama :-)

And with some sakura trees..
When I was taking this shot, about 20 people stopped and watched this..

Still looks like a newly-wed.. (I'm not saying this because she told me I seemed to lose my weight! :-))

A nice way to kiss mommy

Sunshine loves you..

Thank you for the great time and all the best in your new home! Hope these photographs help to remember lovely memories in Japan.


  1. This family recently moved to my area and she sent me a link to her family session with you. These photos are gorgeous. I love the light and they way you captured them. I used to live in Yokohama and Yokosuka many years ago and this makes me "homesick".

    1. Hi Jody, thanks for your lovely message! I love your photography style and I really hope you can arrange a session for them, they are a very special client to me and I cannot wait to see how you will capture them! Hope you can visit Yokohama one day :-)