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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tokyo Engagement / Pre-wedding Photographer | A Love Story

I know I haven't posted much engagement sessions lately, so here is an engagement session that I did a while ago. I adore this couple. For an entire time during the session, there was no silence, even for a few seconds..They were constantly talking, giggling, kissing, and laughing. You just meet them but you can see how madly they are in love and what soul mates means.

This is so them. So happy being together.

And some scenes from a movie :-)
There was a very emotional moment during the session. We girls (Okay..mostly I..) made the fiancé to get down on his knee "again" and was such an emotional moment..but a very happy one and tears of happiness and memory that she won't ever forget and I was just so honored to be there and photograph this incredible couple.

Tokyo Family Photographer | 1,2,3, Click!

A beautiful family referred by my another beautiful client in their beautiful home :-)

These 2 beautiful girls were NOT shy at all in front of my camera. They absolutely love being in front of camera and posed beautifully at every clicking :-) Of course, they got it from their parents :-)

lovely smile and a fierce pose!

Love this moment..

And family photos!