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Friday, December 27, 2013

Yokohama Baby Photographer | Shichigosan

Another reason which made this late autumn more special was Shichigosan, I photographed a few Shichigosans before but never have realized that I will need to have Shichigosan for my little girl, I had no idea what to prepare or what to do. Nor my Japanese husband who was born and raised here, lol
But it turned out it was quite fun, I was afraid that my daughter would scream that she wants to get out from the heavy dress, but it happened quite opposite, she enjoyed it too much and didn't want to take it off. I might dress her up just for fun once in a while now!

Tokyo Family Photographer | Bear Smille

Another amazing family that I photographed again this year, I'm happy to be called 'auntie Emma' for them :-) oh by the way, the kids speaks 4 languages, can play violin and tennis and they're 3 years old. well no biggie for cool toddlers, huh?

Yokohama Family Photographer | The boy and sunlight

Wow this must have been the longest that I haven't posted any new post on my blog,
The autumn has been very busy with awesome families and couples. I'm always so honored to document their special moments. I also wanted to share some photos of this special family that I get to photograph every year.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yokohama Baby Photographer | Photography Workshop

I have been so honored to be able to mentor a few photographers who has great talents and more importantly greater passion.
And one sunny afternoon, we invited a few baby models and just had some fun! I'm all about basics but the photography always has been finding a beautiful light and finding what I love.

A beautiful and lovely 8 months old Miss S

And a 7 months old hansome Mr. MJ who already stole many girls hearts at the scene :-)

Thanks so much everyone who came out to help and participate on that day! xoxo

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tokyo Baby Photographer | Trip to Nagano

One of the perks of being a mom, you got a lifetime travel buddy. I love to travel (who wouldn't?) and since my baby arrived, I secretly enjoying travelling only with her, rather than with my husband, lol. We have travelled many countries but unfortunately didn't have much chances to travel other parts of Japan. And recently my mother-in-law moved to Nagano and we have visited her a few times since and this brought my baby new joy of unknown world - Sinkansen and so many more.

The grandma never says no when she asks for the snack..!

And we can go to flower picking with our jammys on and no one will judge us!

The air was crispy clear after a bit of morning rain - Just perfect weather for a bit of photo shoot!

The grandma even can make the empty detergent bottle into a water gun!


And then here comes the goat.
This farm is very near to grandma's house and I absolutely love this place. There is no strict rule or need to line up for 5 minute feeding. It's always open and you can see the goats and feed them any time. I'm pretty sure it's my baby's most favorite place on earth :-) This was our 2nd visit, and the first time when we went there she only fed the goat once and just wanted to see me doing it, but this time, she didn't get scared at all and she was feeding the goats for hours! Next time I have to see if there is any job available for her, lol
And after our visit, she LOVES eating her lettuce, just extra bonus!

'You gotta open up your mouth when you eat, aaahhhhh'

And the last day of our visit, daddy came to pick us up! I cannot wait to make an album for grandma and give it to her on our next visit!


Yokohama Baby Photographer | Oh bubbles!

It has been a very very hot, humid and busy summer! But it's never too early to get ready for the autumn! The autumn in Japan is BEAUTIFUL with lots of colorful leaves and also will be the busiest season for me! I'm booking now for October - December 2013 so please send me an email if you'd like to schedule a session!

And for those who are feeling extra bubbly today, here are some more bubbles!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tokyo Senior Portrait Photographer | 17

My first senior photo shoot! A beautiful 17 year old girl who came all the way from US!

The very first shot

Enjoying Ginza street..

I think I'm liking more and more shooting on street, it's a nice surprise when you find the nice background to work on + with lots of people watching and passing by :-)

And a bit of Japanese scent

And she is a tennis player! She came with this idea being photographed with her tennis uniform with city background!

And some shots at subway station!