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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yokohama Baby Photographer | Sunset and Bunny

These images were taken while back but I really wanted to post these since they pretty much show who I am as a photographer. I love these images, these were just taken in backyard of my parents-in-law house. When I said me and my girl will just take a walk and take some pictures, they were like.."what?? but there is nothing out there and the sun is setting! we can bring you somewhere nice tomorrow! " haha..well..sometimes nothing out there can be just beautiful so does the sun setting. These were taken just 30 mins before the sunset in OPEN field, which pretty hard to get in a city because the sun is always blocked by tall buildings when the sun is almost set. I loved the fact I could have this beautiful sunlight in full. I also love this rustled bridge which brings out this beautiful color and mountains in the back. and of course I love my sweet girl and how she is so pure and sweet hiding from imaginary rain :-)

I know many people who are interested in photography and also who are photographers are visiting my blog, so here is a peek to my post-processing, before and after!

1 comment:

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! And thanks for sharing a peek at your before & after, it's amazing!